Mimi Ventura

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Artist, Painter, Singer, Creative Mind, Gypsy

Dominique Matos Ventura (Mimi) studied Art, Illustration and Grafik Design at the Ruhrakademie Schwerte. After her study she founded her own agency Ventura:Design and builded a growing membership of customers. But after some years of working behind the Mac and doing a lot of digital work, she started to rediscover the real material. Paper, canvas, colours, ink in all variations. „Back to the Real“ was the slogan of the past years. So Ventura founded a „driving“ Street Gallery, took her paintings and Illustration and went on tour through Europe, to exhibit in public in the Cities she came across. The direct Contact to the „people like you and me“, the resulting conversations, relationships and the personal sharing of art and culture are the most important facts in this case. At the same time she spend a lot time educating her Portrait Drawing Skillz on the street and grew a passion for faces in all her art works. She started also experimenting with different kind of papers and prints. The old printing press offers a fresh contrast to the digital-print-overwhelmed market. All that is touchable, real and beautiful is a big inspiration.

Also she composed songs and started to produce music. Her own music were discovered by a producer, who recorded with her and she started a tour with her band. Also she wrote some childrensongs for a netherland education program.

Another profession she enjoys, is video art. The interaction of picture, movement and sound, timing between accident and chosen moment, is something that is giving her a special kick. Here she can combine all her skillz to one and create an own universe of picture and sound.

The search for an authentic self in the creative progress, sincerity to art, is an inner impulse that never leaves her and let her create without exhaustion. Still she don´t care for success or fame. That´s the reason why she never joined any competition or prize winning. Art is not to compare and always inhabit its own individual worth. It is more about the personal moment of getting one with the art. Something else doesn´t matter to her.


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